Community Gardener 101
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Spartanburg Community College (SCC) Corporate & Community Education (“Continuing Education”) and Spartanburg Men’s Garden Club (SMGC) offer a 12 week gardening basics class: Community Gardener 101. Classes are taught by Master Gardeners, local professionals, and SCC staff, and focuses on the “how-to” of gardening. Beginning with soils and finishing with landscaping, this class is great for beginner and expert gardeners. Other topics include: basic botany; annual and perennial plants; indoor plants; trees; native plants; propagating plants; basic seed starting; vegetable gardening; lawn management; insects; and, integrated pest management.

View a detailed class schedule. Be sure to check the date on the schedule to determine whether it's a schedule for an upcoming class, or the previous one!

The class is managed by Joe Maple, and is assisted by Tim Hemphill. Both are Club members and Master Gardeners. See Linda Cobb's article about Joe Maple and the class. The phone number in the article is incorrect, so please use the number given below or on the class schedule.

One-year membership in Spartanburg Men's Garden Club is included in the $199 class fee. Or you can register for one or more of the 12 sessions separately at $29 each. Registration information for the next class of Community Gardener 101 is found on the SCC website: it is listed as a Community Interest / Personal Enrichment course. Click here to see registration information.

Contact: Joe Maple (

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