Frequently Asked Questions About SMGC

I can't find what I'm looking for on this website!

Try using the site map, which lists the website menu in outline form, and has lists of website documents and photo albums.

How do I send email to everyone in the Club?

Visit the web page SMGC and follow the instructions to get added to the group email list. Information posted on that page shows how to email everyone registered in the group.

How old is the club?

The club celebrated its 60th anniversary in November 2008.

Why is the name of the club The Spartanburg Men's Garden Club?

When the club was founded in 1948, the original name was the Dirt Daubers but this was changed to the Spartanburg Men's Garden Club in 1950. In 1953 the club, which was founded by and entirely composed of men, joined the Men's Garden Clubs of America, a national organization. In the early 1990s, women began to join the Club. In 2008 a vote was taken by the membership to change to a more gender-neutral name. The vote failed by a narrow margin.

Are women eligible to become members?

Yes, women have been members since 1990 and comprise about half of the membership.

What are membership requirements?

Membership is open to people interested in gardening and community beautification. We look for leaders, self-starters, and people who know how to get things accomplished. That said, we are glad to have your help even if you only have a few hours to volunteer.

Is the club for educating its members about gardening, or is it about community volunteer work?


Where do funds for club activities come from?

Mostly from the two annual club plant sales. Less than 10% comes from dues. A similar amount comes through donations.

How many members are in the club?

There are 55 regular members, plus 5 corporate members (April 2020).

Must members be residents of Spartanburg?

No. We encourage everyone to join, whether they are active or not. Several members have moved away from Spartanburg but still maintain their membership to keep in touch with the club and events in Spartanburg.

How can I get a copy of the Club logo?

Click here for a color bitmap image (a 300 pixels/inch scan of the original artwork), and click here for a color scalable vector image. In both cases right-click on the displayed graphic: choose the pop-up menu option appropriate for your browser to save the image. Also, see the History page where small versions of the images are displayed.