Membership Application

We invite you to become a member of the Spartanburg Men's Garden Club. We look for leaders, self-starters, and people who know how to get things accomplished. That said, we are glad to have your help if you only have a few hours to volunteer. Download the membership application. Please fill it out completely and mail it and your check to the post office box indicated on the form. We are looking forward to seeing you at our meetings!

Membership Classifications

The Club is a member-run organization. There are five classes of membership.

Active Membership

Active members are men and women interested in gardening who have paid annual dues. The dues period runs from September 1 through August 31. The membership list is printed in January and includes members who have paid their dues between September 1 and December 31. Copies of the membership list are distributed at meetings.

Student Membership

Student membership is offered to full time post-secondary students.

Honorary Membership

This membership may be extended to a person who is not an active member of the Club, but who has performed distinguished service for the benefit of the Club.

Corporate Membership

Upon payment of dues, corporate enterprises become Corporate Members. The designated representative of the corporation is the active member.

Membership Dues Summary

  • Student membership at $5.
  • Single membership for individuals at $20.
  • Family membership for two people at one address at $28.
  • Corporate membership for the designated representative at $100.

The Gardeners Of America /
Men's Garden Clubs of America

SMGC disaffiliated from TGOA/MGCA in May 2009 after a 56 year partnership. However, a Club member may join this national organization of garden clubs as a Member at Large. This is extended to a Lifetime Membership upon payment of $200. A Life Member is therefore exempt from TGOA/MGCA dues for life, but pays local dues annually as set by the Club. An application form for each membership is available at the TGOA/MGCA website.

In 2019 there are 4 Lifetime Members of TGOA/MGCA in the Club. Member Jim Bagwell held three Vice President positions in the Executive Committee of TGOA/MGCA beginning in 2010, and was President of the organization in 2013. For a detailed history prior to 2010 see the link to Henry Pittman's book on the History page.

A Wikipedia page about TGOA/MGCA was created by Henry Pittman and Lou Adams in 2007.