Spartanburg Community College

In the fall of 2009, the Spartanburg Men's Garden Club began to discuss options to move from Hatcher Garden. The Club had made two previous attempts at relocation, one in 2004, and again in 2007, due to concerns about space. SMGC failed to find a suitable location primarily due to the lack of a water supply.

In 2009, the Club noted that Hatcher Garden needed space to increase its nursery operation and, potentially, its revenue due to the economic downturn. At the same time, SMGC was changing direction, disaffiliating from the The Gardeners of America / Men's Garden Clubs of America national organization, obtaining its own nonprofit 501(c)(3) designation and beginning an in-house plant propagation venture that also needed room to grow. With the physical limitations at Hatcher Garden, the best option for SMGC was to seek a new partner with potential for room to expand.

The Club found an ideal partner in Spartanburg Community College. Over the past decade, SCC has been developing a regionally distinguished horticultural program with Jason Bagwell as Department Chair and Kevin Parris as Director of the Arboretum. They are looking for horticultural partners and have found them in the Master Gardener Program, which is now located at SCC, and SMGC, which surveyed the opportunities and found them hugely attractive. Agreements were worked out over a period of four months to begin a new chapter in the history of the Club. President Ed Wilde's letter to the membership and a press release were issued during January 2010. Photographs document the move to the area on campus set aside for the Club (look for "The Move to SCC" links on the left side of the Photo Archive page). Also see locations on the SCC campus map where Club activities take place (circled in red).

This new affiliation benefits both SMGC and SCC. Working with outstanding horticulturists and their students, our membership will gain valuable insight into the latest propagation methods and scientific research conducted at the school. The students at SCC will work with Club members as volunteers, and learn to appreciate the satisfaction arising from community service. Together, the two organizations' growth will be enhanced. As more horticultural organizations join this hub, the pooled knowledge and resources will create a unique advantage for the citizens of Spartanburg.

SMGC encourages you to join us – there truly is ROOM TO GROW.

Location & Access

The SMGC site, with its plant propagation beds and nursery, are located near the SCC horticulture greenhouses. View the campus map, where the Horticulture Greenhouses are marked 9. The SMGC site is located on the map at the label "To Fairforest Road", across the road from the greenhouses (the top left corner of the map, the west side of campus). The site is closest to the Fairforest Road campus entrance.

The site is open during normal campus hours of operation. Otherwise a gate to the campus horticulture area is locked, and members must visit Campus Security (building 1 on the map) to sign in and have the gate opened.


Questions about SCC horticulture programs, or other matters of interest to SMGC members, may be directed to the following Horticulture Department staff.

Jason Bagwell, Department Chair (
Kevin Parris, Arboretum Director (
Jay Moore, Instructor (


A new partnership provides a new location for the club.
October 2009. Photo by Linda McHam.