Spartanburg Community College

In 2009 the Spartanburg Men's Garden Club started looking for a new location for its nursery. Working with Jason Bagwell (Department Chair for the Horticulture Department) and Kevin Parris (Arboretum Director), the Club relocated to an area close to the Spartanburg Community College Horticulture Gardens in January of 2010. The nursery occupies an area of about one-half acre. Besides the main plant nursery area, there are two shade structures for growing plants, and two small sheds for tools and other equipment. There is also a small hoop structure dedicated to plant propagation.

Plant sales conducted by the Horticulture Department and the Club in the spring and fall are held on the same days. SCC sells many annuals, perennials, and vegetables that the SMGC does not offer. SMGC has a larger inventory of foundation plants, shrubs, and trees. The synergy of holding the sale on the same days and offering a wide variety of plants improves the turnout and plant sales for both organizations.

SMGC encourages you to join us – there truly is ROOM TO GROW.

Location & Access

The SMGC plant nursery and propagation beds are near the SCC greenhouses. View the campus map, where the Horticulture Greenhouses are marked 9. The site is located on the map at the label "To Fairforest Road", across the road from the greenhouses (the top left corner of the map, the west side of campus). It is closest to the Fairforest Road campus entrance.

The site is open during normal campus hours of operation. Otherwise a gate to the campus horticulture area is locked, and members must visit Campus Security (building 1 on the map) to sign in and have the gate opened.


Questions about SCC horticulture programs, or other matters of interest to SMGC members, may be directed to the following Horticulture Department staff.

Jason Bagwell, Department Chair (
Kevin Parris, Arboretum Director (
Jay Moore, Instructor (


A new partnership provides a new location for the club.
October 2009. Photo by Linda McHam.